Movilidad INTERNACIONAL Incoming Erasmus

Please write to for questions about Erasmus+ bilateral agreements (negotiation of new agreement, modifications of existing, or any other questions)

This information is not for students, but for partner university.

Nominations at the University of Granada are managed decentralized at Faculty/Center Level. Every Faculty has his own nomination e-mail for Erasmus+ incoming students.

For incoming students coming to the Faculty of Social Work, Partners must nominate to this e-mail:

As soon as received the nomination, will reply to student (and copy to partner), with instructions for doing our mandatory online application form

VERY IMPORTANT: It's mandatory the partner's nomination. Students not nominated won't be considerer as incoming students and won't be accepted

Nomination DEADLINES:

  • Semester1: 15 May (please, try to nominate before 10 May)

  • Semester2: 31 October (please, try to nominate before 25 October)

After that the student has been nominated by their home university, we will reply quickly to student's e-mail (with copy to partner's e-mail), with all the information needed to do our mandatory online application form (no papers needed to send).

Our mandatory online application process is “centraliced” at our International Relations Office (ORIC)

Application DEADLINES:

  • Semester1: From 1 April to 15 May 
  • Semester2: From 1 October to 31 October

Internship/Practice (30 ects full course subject "Prácticas externas en Organizaciones Sociales"/"Internship in Social Organizations") is *NOT* allowed for incoming students. 

  • Maximum number of elective subjects to choose by incoming students in one semester: 2
  • Maximum number of elective subjects to choose by incoming students in a fulll academic course: 4
  • All "elective subjects" have 10 places for incoming students. If it's complete the places in one elective subject, must be changed (normally at arriving time) by another elective subject, or by another mandatory subject

You can find horary/timetables at this web link:

Mandatory subjects have 3 groups: A, B (morning), C (afternoon). Not need to choose the same group in all mandatory subjcts. Elective subjects have only one group: A (some imparted in the morning, other in the afternoon). Please choose/select your subjects first doing your personal timetable in order to avoid that subjects can have timetable conflicts.


At the end of the process (JULY / DECEMBER), will send acceptation letter by e-mail to student (with copy to Partner)

    Official enrolment/ inscription/ matrícula in every subject and your choosed group (group can be differente for every subject), will be done "online" aprox. from 2 weeks before to the semester's start, from 01/09/XXXX to 12/09/XXXX (Semester_1), or from 01/02/XXXX to 20/02/XXXX (semester_2), sending student e-mail to @email

    When you send your enrolment e-mail to,follow this template:

    • in the SUBJECT, indicate:
      • Solicitud de matrícula, estudiante ENTRANTE “[Indicate here your Name and Surname]”
    • and in the BODY of the e-mail, indicate the next lines of text:
      • Solicitud de matrícula, estudiante ENTRANTE “[Indicate here your Name and Surname]”
      • DNI/Pasaporte: [Indicate here your IdCard or Passport, same that online application]
      • Universidad de origen: [Indicate here your home university name]
      • País de origen: [indicate here your home country name]
      • Periodo de la movilidad: [Indicate here your period of mobility: Semester_1/Semester_2/FullCourse]
      • And following, in the next lines, indicate your list of subjects to enroll, indicating, line to line, for every subject:
        • Code, Name and Group(A, B o C).
          • In example:
          • 2491131-Psicología del Desarrollo en Contextos de Riesgo-Grupo C
          • 2491134-Salud, Dependencia y vulnerabilidad Social-Grupo B

    As soon as we done your enrolment, we will reply to student e-mail with the ticket/guard of enrolment, and with the password to the online web portal/acceso identificado of UGR.

    Our International Relations Office/ORIC ( organizes general Welcome days/Induction days for incoming students, usually one week before semester's start. The Faculty of Social Work (, also will publish an individual meeting only for Social Work students, at the Faculty of Social Work.

    The University of Granada does not take care to arrange the incoming student's accomodation, however, the University provides a list of accommodation options at:


    Some different "optional" Spanish courses (6 ects credits) are taught at “Centro de Lenguas Modernas” (CLM). This center is associated officially with the University of Granada. Spanish courses are not any official courses of any study plan. The courses are **NOT** free. Website with all the information:

    For any doubt/query/more information, please contact us at: